Washington Coach Ron Rivera Is Hopeful Trent Williams Will Return To Team

Mark Tenally/Associated Press
Washington Redskins are hopeful that All-Pro tackle Trent Williams will rejoin the team in 2020.

Head coach Ron Rivera reiterated he would welcome Williams back, after the relationship between him and the previous front office deteriorated to the point of certain divorce, telling NBC Sports Washington, “he's still our guy.”

Rivera joined the organization in January after team owner Daniel Snyder dismissed Jay Gruden midseason, Bruce Allen, the team's president would soon follow. Rivera maintains the same sentiment, as he expressed at his introductory press conference, wanting to meet with Williams.

While Williams’ relationship with Allen had grown “fractured,” reportedly.  The two parties were in a bitter dispute over the team’s misdiagnosis of a growth on his scalp by the medical staff, Williams claims.

Leaks began to trickle out to favor an organization with a weary fan base.

Williams, Washington relationship had grown toxic. A source connected with Williams, said previously "He's not coming back. Period."

However, Williams is reportedly  reconsidering a return to the franchise since the firing of Guden, Allen and head athletic trainer Larry Hess.

Rivera said, as recent as Wednesday, he wants to sit down with Williams.

"We got to get Trent in, we got to sit him down, see where he is, see how he is, health-wise too," Rivera said. "We have not really had the contact we need to have to know."

Former Washington coach Joe Gibbs believes Rivera will have the ability to reconnect with Williams.

“I think Ron will do a good job of that,” Gibbs said, via ProFootballTalk.com. “I think the thing that you’ve got with Ron is someone who’s played in the NFL, he has real respect from the players when he talks.”

If the organization is able to entice Williams back to the team, a hefty contract extension will likely await the 7-time Pro Bowler.

Williams, 31, will become an unrestricted free agent in 2021.

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