Trent Williams likely traded this week; Mixon to Washington for Williams?

Trent Williams will likely 'get traded'  ahead of this week’s draft, NBC Sports' Peter King reported on Monday.

As Williams continues his holdout with the Washington Redskins, running back Joe Mixon is looking for a long-term extension with the Cincinnati Bengals.

John Grieshop/Getty Images

A trade floated around by Michael Luciano of 12UP was Williams in-exchange for Mixon. Mixon, an up-and-coming talent, is entering the final season of 4-year, $4M rookie contract.

Luiano writes:
The two players could conceivably be traded for each other straight up, but the Redskins would likely need to surrender a third-round pick, as they are adding a younger player who would be expected to serve as the focal point of their offense.

Williams, 32, is demanding a trade out of Washington after sitting out last season. The All-Pro tackle is in the final-season of 5-year, $66M contract with the organization.

Washington has seven picks in the upcoming draft, they hold only two in the first three rounds (2nd) and (66th).

The 2020 NFL Draft is April 23-26.

*This story previously stated Williams would be traded, it has been corrected to reflect he would be likely -- with a quote from Peter King's report from Monday, April 20.
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