Buddy Hield had one of best seasons in 'one-and-done era'

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A trio of NBA stars with Oklahoma ties were named in the top-15 of ESPN's ‘top 50 individual seasons of the one-and-done era.’

The era includes the likes of Naismith Player of the Year award winners Kevin Durant (Texas, 2007), Anthony Davis (Kentucky, 2012), and JJ Reddick (Duke, 2006).

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NBA Insider John Gasaway ranks Buddy Hield’s (2015-16) season the seventh-best in the era known as ‘one-and-done'. Hield would earn Player of the Year honors on the way to the Final Four, shooting over 50 percent beyond the arc, averaging 25.0 points.

Per OUinsider:

"You don’t often see a star shoot percentages close to 90, 50 and 50 on free throws, 2s and 3s, respectively, at hero-ball levels of usage. If that doesn’t convince you, factor in that the guy got a standing ovation on the road at Kansas, for goodness sake. It was off the charts.”

A season removed after being,amed McDonald’s All-American while at Norman North (Norman, Okla.), Trae Young recorded 27.4 points, shooting 35 percent from the field, Young's only season (2017-18) was ranked ninth.

Per OUinsider:

“While the freshman was a prize recruit, he was not top-10 material nor was he especially imposing as a physical specimen. Even so, Kruger saw something and he was exactly correct. Never mind the 25 missed shots in one game, Young was an assist factory who generated made free throws at will.”

Blake Griffin's Naismith award-winning season in 2008-09 ranked 11th, the first overall pick in the 2009 National Basketball Association Draft averaged 65% shooting, 14.4 percentage and 22.7 points.

Per OUinsider:

“Griffin recorded one of the most concentrated outbursts of domination the Big 12 has ever seen when he posted a 40-23 double-double (on 16-of-22 shooting) against Texas Tech in a mere 31 minutes.”

Zion Williams' single-season in 2019 at Duke was the top-ranked season.
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