Cavalli, Prater sign MLB contracts

Defending World Series Champions Washington Nationals have agreed in principal with Cade Cavalli, the 22nd overall pick in Major League Baseball Draft, the club announced on Friday.

Cavalli a 21-year-old left handed pitcher maintained ‘perspective' through the process, “I was grateful to even have my name called. You’ve got to keep a really good perspective, ” Cavalli said, per Federal Baseball.

Bryan Terry/ The Oklahoman
“There’s mock drafts where they put you in — wherever, they said I slid, or whatever, but I know I ended up in the right place, the right organization, and I know it’s in God’s hands, I’m going to be around great people, great organization, I can’t be happier.”

The financial terms of the agreement weren’t disclosed. Although, at 22nd overall his slot value is $3.02M.

Cardinals sign Prater

Levi Prater joined Cavalli in finalizing agreements with clubs, the 21-year-old pitcher selected 93rd overall inked a slot value of $625k contract, including $575k bonus, per St. Louis Dispatch.

Oklahoma baseball coach Skip Johnson praised the 21-year-old right handed pitcher, “I think he’s better than a lot of the guys who went ahead of him. I think the St. Louis Cardinals stole a guy. He’s that good. I relieve that. If I had to win a game on my career, I would want him to pitch in it, ” Johnson said, per The Dispatch.

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