May 1, 2013

ESPN's Mel Kiper Explains Why Tony Jefferson Didn't Get Drafted

Tulsa World's Guerin Emig asked Mel Kiper that question. Here was how he answered:

"Two things happened with Tony Jefferson that caused his slide. A number of safeties really had big years. There was a host of them. Ten or 12 safeties could start in this league right away. That hurt Tony Jefferson, coming out early as a junior.

"Needing to run a good 40, he didn't. He didn't test out well at the combine from that standpoint. So when you talk about the lack of impressive stop watch 40 speed, even though he plays faster than that… And even though he was a solid, consistent player in the Big 12, the fact that there were so many safeties and he ran that subpar 40 pushed him down the line to the point where he goes undrafted."

Jefferson ran a 4.75 40 at the combine back in February. The only safety with a slower time was Notre Dame's Zeke Motta at 4.83. (Tulsa World)

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