December 30, 2015

Trevor Knight Talks About Decision To Transfer

Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight, who was given a full release earlier this month, discussed when he decided to transfer and where he is at in the process. 

From Tulsa World:
Q: Any update on your timeline?
Knight: “I’m still just kind of working through it. I’m slowly starting to narrow it down and enjoying the process. It’s a cool opportunity for me. It really is. It’s a win-win either way. I’ve been saying that from the beginning. I’m at a place right now where I have an incredible role with incredible people around me. I’m comfortable. But sometimes you have to step outside of that comfort zone to see all of the blessings that God has for you and things like that. I’m enjoying the process to see if there’s a perfect fit.” 
Q: Is it weird to realize you’re about done at OU?
Knight: “Yeah, it really is. When you spend so much time around a program, and four years of your life some place… It gets to that point where you go off to school and you want to go back home, and every time you go back home it feels less and less like home. Now Norman’s home. You live there for four years, it’s home. These guys are my brothers and my family. Yeah, it’s a strange deal. But that time comes for everybody. All the guys I came in with, Sterling (Shepard) and Durron (Neal) and Ty (Darlington), those guys are gone as well. It’s weird to think it’s already gone. You blink an eye and it’s over with.” 
Q: When did you make your decision?
Knight: “Back end of the season, a little thought came into my head. I believe it was after we went down and played Baylor. Just, What if? I didn’t want to think about that because I didn’t want to get in the way of anything we had going on. That’s the last thing I ever wanted to do. But it got to the point where, ‘Wow, I’m gonna be a December graduate. If I want to explore these options I need to have the conversation.’ Eventually I went in and talked to Coach Stoops, and he was so understanding. He understood the whole situation. I told him, ‘I really don’t want anybody to know about this. I’m so bought in and don’t want to be a distraction.’ I ended up going around and talking to some of the other guys on the team and letting them know that as well. They completely understood, too. It’s been a completely smooth transition. There’s no hard feelings or anything like that.”


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