Sunday, November 15, 2009
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Will Jan. 13 Be Sam Bradford Day in Oklahoma City?

Football News - J. Robert Byrom

I am a huge fan of Sam Bradford.  The kid has never done anything wrong in my eyes.  He is exactly the boy you hope your daughter brings home, though you know she is bringing home the biker with the ponytail and "I love nothing" tattoo again next Christmas. But no athlete deserves his own day—especially a college one that has not really won many big games yet. Mick Cornett, OKC mayor and former sports broadcaster, is bringing the idea of making tomorrow, Jan. 13, Sam Bradford day in front of the city council for a vote, as I write this article.  This is an obvious attempt to get him to stay at OU, and that makes it even more unfair.

It was already unfair to the hundreds of people who have done truly great things and were never considered for their own day, and it is unfair to Bradford because it puts more pressure on him to stay at OU.  

Bradford has enough pressure on him already. He has to choose between millions and finishing the goals he has set for himself in college.  While that is surely an easy decision for most, it's not for the truly great, because not meeting a goal kills them.

However, they want the money as much as the rest of us and are as confused by what to do—go for the gold or the goals which you have never not finished before.

If you want to have a parade celebrating Sam Bradford's Heisman, I have no problem with that.  Or a day where you have a series of events, charity games, dinners, and whatnot and call it Sam Bradford Day for marketing reasons, again no problem.

But don't make an official day, especially when the kid is in the middle of making the biggest decision of his life.

If you want to do it, do it at the end of his college career, whether that is two days or two years away, but not tomorrow, when the honor you're bestowing upon him is so obviously pointed to getting him to come back to the Sooners.  

J. Robert ByromWritten on Tuesday, 13 January 2009 15:36 by J. Robert Byrom

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