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Oklahoma Sooners' Class Lacks Pop But Heavy Where Team Is Weakest

Football News - J. Robert Byrom

For the first time in a long while, OU did not get the the top prospect out of Texas, or sign a top three running back or two. The Sooners hung around the tenth best class in most recruiting services rankings, they usually hover around five. They were ranked much higher two weeks ago but were unable to snag three of the four top WR recruits they put their sights on late and had no major signing day decisions go their way.

Despite being the lowest ranked Sooner class in a while, this may very well be one of the best classes OU has ever pulled because it feels needs as well as any and gives the Sooners quite a few options in the much maligned defensive backfield. OU signed six DBs, four LBs, and four defensive Lineman    

OU signed players that could help immediately in all three levels of the defense. According to, OU snagged the Number 1 CB in Gabe Lynn, the No. 2 LB in Ronell Lewis and the No. 3 DT in Jamarkus Mcfarland.

There is Also DE Justin Chassion from the OU pipline school, Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas. He is ranked 14 as a DE but at the Under Armor game, no one came close to blocking him one on one the entire week.

This LB class has the potential to become the best ever. Tom Wort and Ronnell Lewis were both Top 5 LB Recruits and may be the most talented Inside and Outside linebackers in the country.

Lewis is from Dewar, Oklahoma, a town with a population of less than 1000 and plays eight man football. Very few great prospects from eight man schools ever even get noticed much less rise to a top recruit in the country. It is a spectacular feat and shows you just how special this kid may be.

Tom Wort post near 4.4 speed which will make him valuable against the outside run and should see playing time early as a weak side LB. The talented Jayden Bird is getting left out of the hype by most but was ranked as a top 10 to 15 LB by most services.

He is 6'3", 230 and still clocks at 4.5 for the 40 So he should get put in at Middle LB and be a two or three year starter .

OU only two losses on Defense from last season but both were safeties, thus OU signed three. Javon Harris and Kevin Brent will both compete for spots on the depth chart next year.

Brent is more suited for SS though he does have speed to cover WRs one on one when needed. He was a very hard hitter in high school and may be someone that makes teams pay for throwing across the middle something that has been lacking from OU ever since Brandon Everage left.

The Sooners got a two good offensive skill players in Drew Allen, and Cameron Kenney.

Cameron Kenney is real good and will be in the WR rotation next year and a kick returner as well. He also can play CB at the college level but OU will use him exclusively at WR as that is a much greater need.

Drew Allen, a QB out of Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas, has all the skills but is rough and raw. He can pass and run and is long and lanky. He needs to improve his decision making or strengthen his arm so his passes wont get intercepted in college.

A lot of his throws in High School were forced into tight coverages that would of been picked in college. Bradford and Heupel need to mentor him a lot but if he has his head screwed on well he may be a starter for OU a few years down the road.

Alamo Heights has a put a few into the NFL, my guess is he will suceed as well and may become the Landry Jones back up and his replacment after Jones leaves and start one or two seasons.

The Offensive line is also cause for concern and OU recruited almost an entire line to help feel the voids left behind by the four big departures this year. Even with two coming in from junior colleges I expect none of them will start next year though both of the JC prospects will be on the second string and provides so much needed depth. 

Of these four lineman there is no one guy that you think can be a star right off the bat. However despite the losses, OU will field a good starting five offensive line next year.  

So, despite the down ranking, fans should be happy with this class because it addresses the thing that has been frustrating OU fans for so long, defense, especially speed and pass coverage.

J. Robert ByromWritten on Friday, 06 February 2009 22:39 by J. Robert Byrom

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